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We appreciate your concerns and concerns about the privacy of your data on the Internet and on the EasyNet Cash Store

Privacy Policy - EasyNet Cash 

We appreciate your concerns and interest in the privacy of your data on the Internet and on the EasyNet Cash store.

This policy is designed to help you understand the nature of the data we collect about you when you visit our website and how we handle this personal data.

By using EasyNet Cash, you agree to each page and the terms and conditions of the page "Terms and Conditions", which are described on the store, and you are obliged to accept all the terms and conditions applicable to you from your entry into the site until you leave. 

The department of the store is obliged, in accordance with the law regulated in the Arab countries, and in accordance with the data protection laws approved by international organizations not to disclose any personal information about the seller/buyer such as the phone number or email address.  

EasyNet Cash is obligated not to exchange, trade, or sell any such information to any other party as long as it is within the store's possible management capabilities, and access to the information will only be permitted for qualified and professional persons who supervise the EasyNet Cash store.


Evacuation responsibility

The user/visitor to our store, EasyNet Cash, acknowledges that he is solely responsible for the nature of the use of our store and the integrity of the data and information that he or she enters or provides to the site, and the management of EasyNet Cash disclaims responsibility for all damage, leak, disruption or expenses incurred by the user as a result of the use of the EasyNet Cash store. 



EasyNet Cash collects data about you while browsing the site (registering or without registering) such as your Cookies or any other information, and as a result of our use of Google Analytics as a third party, a few information about you that Google identifies on its page - Privacy Policy. 


Ip address

Any time you visit any website, including EZNETCASH, the host server will record your IP address, date and time of visit, the type of internet browser you use and the URL of any website that refers you to this website. 


External links and ads on the store

Our store may include links to other websites. Or advertisements from advertising companies such as Google AdSense and we are not responsible for the methods of collecting data by those sites, you can see the privacy policies and content of those sites accessed through any link within this store. 

We may use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our store. These companies may use information about your visits to our store (except by name, address, email address, or phone number) to provide advertisements about the goods and services of interest to you. 


Disclosure of information 

At all times, we will maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the personal data we obtain. This information will only be disclosed if it is required to provide its service to any user on the site or under any law or judicial memorandum, and only when we believe in good faith that such action will be required or desirable to comply with the law, to defend or protect the property rights of that site or its beneficiaries. 


Registration and membership on our store

The subscriber chooses whether he is a seller or buyer of a password/password for his account, and will enter his own mailing address to write to him, and it is the responsibility to protect this password and not share it or post it to the subscriber, and in the event of any transactions using this password the subscriber will assume all the responsibilities resulting, without the slightest responsibility on the store EZNETCASH. 

The subscriber/visitor is fully responsible for all of his data, which he uploads and publishes through our store. 

The participant is obliged not to attempt to access, hack or modify any information about him or other members of the administration that he has no authority to access, and if this is done, the store and its management have full rights to pursue the case.


The subscriber is bound by all terms of use and does not use the EZNETCASH store or anything that is included in our store in any form contrary to Islamic law, or for illegal purposes, including but not limited to, such as hacking, publishing and distributing copied material or software, threatening or disturbing any person, company or group, posting viruses, spy files or links to sites containing such violations.

It is forbidden to violate the rights of intellectual property, denigrate a person, institution, company, or deliberately publish any information that causes harm to a company, person, state or group, not to place stolen software and software and all that violates the rules and regulations, and the subscriber is fully responsible for everything he provides through his account on the Website. 


Modifications to the items

We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions of the privacy and privacy policy of the information if necessary and when appropriate. The modifications will be implemented here or on the Terms and Conditions page and you may or may not be notified on an ongoing basis of the data we have obtained, how we will use it and who we will provide with this data. 


Contact us 

You can contact us if needed by phone number, contact us page or send us an email.



Your concerns and interests about data confidentiality and privacy are of utmost importance to us. We hope that all your concerns will be allayed and the paths of all your data clarified through this policy. 

If you are not satisfied with anything within this page or on the Terms and Conditions page, please stop using our store.

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