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The terms and conditions of EasyNet Cash Store are constantly changing. 

Terms and conditions of Easynet cash store

The terms and conditions of easyNet Cash store are constantlychangingsobe sure to continue visitingthis page in order to keepyouinformed of the changes, by entering and usingour store, youimplicitlyagree to the terms and conditions described in this page.

All the terms and conditions set out in this page are not incompatible withany of the laws in force in Arab countries or the laws of violation of privacy, intellectualproperty and joint property applicable internationally. You can learn more about this by visiting the "Privacy Policy" page.

Items to be committedto:

  1. Submission:
  2. Membership:

Welcome to easynet cash, here are the terms and conditions regardingyour use and access to the store'spages:

Your entry and use of our store isyour consent to accept the terms and conditions of this agreement, whichinclude all the detailsbelow, and is a confirmation of your obligation to respond to the content of this agreement for the EasyNet Cash store, referred to below as "we", alsoreferred to as "The Store", in the rest of the terms and conditions of the "Terms and Conditions", and this agreement isvalid as soon as you enter the site.

  1. No one isentitled to use the site if theirmembershipiscancelledfromeasyNet Cash.
  2. Registration of membershiponour store is for the purpose of buying or sellingonly and not withanyother intention or purpose.
  3. No member has the right to open twoaccounts at the same time for anyreason, and the management of the site has the right to freeze or suspend anyaccountitdeemscontrary.
  4. Accounts and registration obligations:

Once youapply for a membership of the site, you are required to disclosespecific information and choose a secret username and password to use whenaccessing the site. Whenyouraccountisactivated, youwillbeconsidered a member of the site and have agreedto:

Be responsible for keepingyouraccount and passwordconfidential. You agree to notifyeasyNet Cash immediately of anyunauthorized use of yourpassword, account or otherbreach of yourconfidential information.

  1. EasyNetCashwill in no waybe liable for anylossthatmayoccurdirectly, indirectly, morally or physically as a result of the disclosure of user name or password information.
  2. By registering a membership on easyNetCash, you are solelyresponsible for any direct or indirect losses to the EasyNet Cash store as a result of anyillegal or authorized use of youraccount by you or by anyoneelsewho has access to youraccount on the site, whetherauthorized by you or withoutauthorization.
  3. You agree to provide real, up-to-date and complete information about yourself as required in the easynetcash registration form.
  4. Do not include in yourusernameany of your contact detailssuch as email addresses, phone numbers, anypersonaldetails, easynet cash or anywordindicating the name of our store.
  5. EasyNetCashiscommitted to handling yourpersonal information and contact addressesconfidentially.
  6. You willbeobliged to alwaysmaintain and update registration data to keepit real, correct, current and complete, and if youdiscloseuntrue, incorrect, non-current, incomplete or contrary to the terms and conditions agreement, easyNet Cash has the full right to stop, identify or cancel yourmembership and account on the site, withoutdamaging the rights of the other e-cash store and itslegitimatemeans of recovery of itsrights.
  7. EasyNetCash has an absolutewill and at any time to conductany investigations itdeemsnecessary (directly or through a third party) and requiresyou to discloseadditional information or documents of any size to establishyouridentity and/or ownership of yourfinancial instruments.
  8. If the applicantrepresents a business, all required information and documents includingyour business license, otherenterprise documents and/or documents showing the responsibility of anyone acting on yourbehalf must beprovided.
  9. If you do not complywithany of the above, the easynet cash store management has the right to suspend or cancel yourmembership and block youfrom the site. Wealsoreserve the right to cancel anyunconfirmed and unconfirmedaccounts, operations or accountsthat have been overfor a long time withoutactivity.


  1. Amendment to the terms and conditions:

You know and agreethateasyNet Cash willmakeanyamendment to the Terms and Conditions Agreement, underwhichyour obligations willbedoubled or yourrightsdiminished in accordance withany modifications to the Terms and Conditions Agreement without the need to notifyyou.

  1. You agreethateasyNet Cash has its full validity and withoutlegalliability to makefundamental or subsidiaryamendments to this agreement withoutrequiringadditionalapprovalfromyou, at any time and withimmediateeffect, withoutrequiringyour news, and you can always know the amendments by reference to this page.
  2. You agreethateasynetcashis a technicalwebsitethatallowsregisteredbuyers to purchase sushi media services and others.
  3. Membership on the site is free.
  4. You maybechargedadditionalfees or amounts for certain services and the website/seller isobliged to tell you about thembeforepurchasing.
  5. All fees are calculated in US dollars, you must pay all fees due on youroperations on the site plus anyotherexpensesadded by easynet cash, to bepaid by the approvedmeans.
  6. If you do not commit to payingfees or expensescharged on your on-site operations and exceed 3 business days, easyNet Cash, without the slightestlegalliability, reserves the right to cancel yourorder.
  7. Payment for purchases:
  8. Yourpersonalinformation:

EasyNetCash'spayment system can be made entirely online through the payment options available on the easyNet Cash store, namely, payment and payment by creditcard system or throughanypaymentmethodprovided by easyNet Cash on the websitesuch as Paypal or wester Union and otherpaymentmethods.

  1. You agreethateasyNet Cash has the right to dispose of your information withinwhatisspecified in this page and on the Privacy Policy page, permanently and irrevocably, through registration, purchase, use of forms for communication and registration, or throughany email or any of the communication channels available on the site. In order to operate and promote the site in accordance with the disclaimer agreement and the privacystatement.
  2. You are the only one responsible for the information you have sent or posted and the role of easyNetCashislimited to allowingyou to viewthis information on the website's pages and throughitsadvertising channels.
  3. You undertake, declare and guaranteethatyouare:
  4. Copyright:
  5. Brands:
  6. Buyer'sprotection:

You willabide by all applicable local and international laws in this regard, as well as the applicable terms and conditions regarding the use of the site. 

All content contained in the site, including not limited to texts, graphic designs, logos, icon buttons, icons, audio clips, digital loads, aggregated data and electronic software, isowned and rights are reservedeither for easyNet Cash and for the entityresponsible for designing the easyNet Cash store, and for the authors of these contents and for commissioners and are protectedwithin copyright, trademarks, intellectualpropertyrights and laws.

Companies and brands that the easynet cash store deals with, or displays theirproducts on the website are protected by the rights and laws of other international and intellectualtrademarks. 

EasyNet Cash iskeen on buyers' rights and aims to help buyersensurethattheirpurchases are received. 

  1. If the buyerpurchases a service in one of the paymentmethodsavailable on the easynet cash store, does not receiveits service from the seller or receives a service differentfrom the specificationsdescribed on the offer page, then the buyer must send us. The store willtake the necessary action to resolve the dispute with the seller.
  2. The buyershouldreviewhispurchases on the store beforepaying, because once the orderis sent itwill not be possible to cancel the order or return it to the appropriaterefund and replacement policydescribed on the website.


Data confidentiality:


  1. EasyNet Cash has standards (concrete, regulatory and technological) to protectagainstunauthorizedaccess to and preservation of yourpersonal lycée information. Knowingthat the Internet is not a securemeans, the confidentiality of yourpersonal information cannotbe 100% guaranteed.
  2. EasyNetCash has no control over the actions of anythird party, such as other web pages connected to this site, or third parties that claim to representyou and others.
  3. You know and agreethateasyNet Cash may use your information provided to you, in order to provide services to you at easyNet Cash, to sendyou marketing messages, and that the privacystatement on this site controls collection, processing, use and transfer of yourpersonalidentity information.
  4. The violation of the terms and conditions agreement

EasyNet Cash mayresort to temporary or permanent suspension, withdrawal, cancellation of yourmembership and/or cancellation of youraccess to the site withoutprejudice to itsotherrights and legitimatemeans of recoveringyourrights in the eventof:

  1. If youviolate the terms and conditions agreement.
  2. If easyNetCashcan'tverify the authenticity of any of your information provided to it.
  3. If easyNet Cash determinesthatyouractivitiesmay cause you or otherusers and easyNet Cash to cause legalproblems.
  4. EasyNet Cash mayresort to re-engagingsuspendedusers, as a user who has permanentlysuspended or withdrawnhismembershipmay not be able to register or attempt to register at the EasyNet Cash store or use the site in anyway, underanycircumstances, untilheisallowed to re-engage in the easyNet Cash store. However, if youviolatethisterms and conditions agreement, the Store reserves the right to recoveranyamountsowed to you by the site, anylosses and damages you cause to easyNet Cash, and has the right to takelegal action and/or resort to the courts of the Kingdom of Jordan to file a criminal or commercial case againstyou as deemedappropriate by easyNet Cash.
  5. Your or other violation of this Agreement does not requireeasyNet Cash to waiveits right to takeappropriate action for such an act and othersimilaracts of violation. EasyNet Cash does not guaranteethatitwilltake action against all violations of the Terms and Conditions Agreement.


  1. Purchase:


  1. You are obliged by you to complete the purchase of the service you have purchased and pay for through the paymentmethodsprovided by the store to itsusers.
  2. The store has the right to reject or cancel purchaseswhether or not they are paid as deemedappropriate by management.
  3. The site is not obliged to provide a guarantee for any service in the event of payment, payment has not been completed or if thereis a paymentproblem.
  4. You agree not to make false purchases on the site, to use a false name or any false personal information, or to use a creditcard for otherswithoutauthorization to purchase, as easyNet Cash has the right to takeappropriatelegal action to prosecuteanyonewho engages in suchfrauds.


  1. Illegalcontents:
  2. Retro nutrition:
  3. Cancellation of access and/or membership:
  4. No guarantee:
  5. Determiningresponsibilities:
  6. Safety:
  7. Relationship and notifications:
  8. Transfer of rights and obligations:
  9. General information:


As a registeredmember of the site, youmayincludecomments on the site in accordance with applicable laws, and you are prohibitedfromannouncingyour phone or email numbersthroughany part of the site, whichis a violation of the terms and conditions. 


Our store encourages all members on the site to make suggestions or feedback (FeedPack), and willbedisplayed on the site anywherespecified by site management. 

Withoutinfendinginharm to itsotherrights and legitimatemeans of recovery, easyNet Cash can stop or cancel yourmembership and/or access the site at any time, without warning and for anyreason, without limitation, and can also cancel thisterms and conditions agreement. 


EasyNet Cash is a broker betweenbuyer and seller only and does not provideanyguarantee about the services sold, we do not offer a guarantee for the services or how good or effective they are and if you have a problemwith the service you have to write to the seller or email us in order to be quantitative in the dispute betweenyou.


As permitted by law, our store, itsemployees, managers, agents, affiliates and processors will not beresponsible for any direct or indirect loss or malfunctionsarisingfromyour use of the site. If you are not satisfiedwith the site or any of its contents, the solution isthatyou do not continue to use it, furthermoreyouagreethatanyunauthorized use of the site and its services, due to yournegligencewill cause harm to the store easynet cash, and therefore the site willthen have to resort to the terms and conditions.


You agree to yoursafe use of easyNet Cash whilekeepingits managers, employees, agents, suppliers and protection fromanyharmcaused to them by claims, losses, losses, costs and expenses, whichoccur due to your violation of the Terms and Conditions Agreement, violation of anylaw, amendments or infringement of the rights of third parties. 



None of the terms and conditions of the terms and conditions agreement indicate a partnership betweenyou and easynet cash. You have no authority to compeleasyNet Cash in anyway, and any notices youwould like to send to easyNet Cash, you must sendthem by email, witheasyNet Cash responding to the email. You know and agreethatany notices sent to youfrom the EasyNet Cash store willbe made public on the website or by email youprovided to us during the registration process.


HereyougranteasyNet Cash the right to transfer part or all of itsrights, benefits, obligations and responsibilities, to third parties workingwithit, withouthaving to refer to you, in accordance with the terms of the terms and conditions agreement, and easyNet Cash isobliged to notifyyou about suchtransfers if youoccur as well as to post on the website. 


If anyparagraph in thisTerms and Conditions Agreement isinvalid or cancelled or for anyreason no longer valid, such a paragraphdoes not revoke the validity of the rest of the paragraphs in the Convention. This agreement (whichisamendedfrom time to time according to itsterms) sets out all the outlines of the understanding and agreement betweenyou and easynet cash with the following:

  1. The rulinglaw and legislation:

This agreement of terms and conditions isgoverned and formulated in accordance with the law of the Arab countries and isfully and fullysubject to the legislation in force in the courts in the Kingdom of Jordan, thisparagraphexists an alternative to beused in the eventthatthis agreement of terms and conditions expires or iscancelled for anyreason.


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